GreenUp vs Cash out

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GreenUp vs Cash out

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There is a little difference between those gambling terms - GreenUp and Cash out terms. Lets understand the difference.

Guaranteeing you won’t lose any money is incredible thing that getting possible with sport exchange betting. That is where a process known as ‘greening up’ comes in. This allows you to both back and lay a selection, and then emerge with a profit whatever the outcome of the event, be it a horse race or a football match. If you back horse at price 10.0 for 100$ and then lay same horse at price 9.0 with same amount you will get guaranteed 100$ if your selection win. Otherwise you lose nothing, 0$.

The big decision you have to make in the first place is which selection you are going to back. What is important to consider, for greening up to work, is which direction the market is going to go in terms of your selection. If the horse, for instance, you want to back is going to drift, then greening up is not going to work. You need to find a selection whose odds are going to shorten in order for greening up to return a profit, otherwise you will end up with a loss.

Sot It wasn’t just a case of placing a bet and waiting for the result to see if you had won or lost. Now you could place a bet, and change your position by placing other backs/lays both before the off and during an event. That's called GreenUp your selection

Sure, BetOnDroid application contains the GreenUp feature because greening up is a great benefit of the Sports Exchange over common Sportsbook.
See market screenshot below, it has one matched back bet at price 3.45.


Center column shows you position in the market for each price. Red color means potential lost and green is a potential win if you put new bet on that price. In the other words if you tap to cell with price 3.35 then will BetOnDroid calculate for you type of bet (lay or back), size of bet, and will place that bet for you to guarantee you $0.03 profit with any race result. That is the basic maths behind it and there are plenty of betting calculations. But, thankfully, using a BetOnDroid will do all this hard work for you. It is easy!

Frankly speaking Betfair Sports Exchange portal doesnt have dedicated GreenUp feature for each selection but it has CashOut feature. It just greenup all of your selections using one click. So if you placed bets on one horse only then clicking CashOut you just GreenUp that horse. If you have multiple bets on multiple horses then clicking CashOut button you greenup all of them at the same time.

Hope it helps.
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