BetOnDroid v.3.1.0 BETA testing

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BetOnDroid v.3.1.0 BETA testing

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BetOnDroid v.3.1.0 BETA is open for public testing.
Please feel free to download latest beta release and to test latest hot features. Though old release version is always available here

Please add your feedback to the current tread

BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.1
  • Minimal required Android version is Android Lollipop v.5.0
  • Add runner's Betfair starting price to the market view screen
  • New menu items have been added to the account statement: 'Sportsbook betting', 'Account adjustments', 'Transaction charges', 'Exchange commissions'
  • Added '3 hours' and '6 hours' periods for bets history
  • Added support of new currencies introduced by Betfair
  • Add ability to change value for predefined bet sizes buttons
  • Highlight ladder cell with short splash once price was traded
  • Removed deprecated menu items 'Scroll to best' and 'Blink on amount change'
  • Fixed bug with matched bets. It is not possible to see matched bet in the matched bets list if the bet is just partially matched and still have unmatched portion
  • Fixed bug in 'Search event' GUI control. Sometimes it is not possible to select racing event from the search result
  • Fixed broken icons for the USA horse races runners
  • Fixed wrong background color for Matched/Unmatched bets list
  • Fixed runner prices chart image
  • Fixed crash for Amazon Fire tablets when showing Unmatched bets tab
  • Fixed bug with 'Unknown market' in the Favorites markets list
BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.2
  • Removed currency sign from the predefinded bet sizes buttons in order to save the room
  • Fixed crash for Tablets devices when showing horse runner info
BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.3
  • Allow KeepInPlay persistence for InPlay bets since Betfair web site allows them
  • Fixed crash during loading Account statement transactions
  • Cosmetic changes
BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.4
  • Stability improvements
BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.5
  • Introduced workaround for the INVALID_PROFIT_RATIO bet placement error. Betfair introduced the mentioned error in order to prevent minimal bet abuse and, as a result, bets placement with zero liability. The workaround allows you to place bet below minimum almost in all cases
  • Market's web link to Betfair web site has been added to market details page
  • Fixed bug with displaying pinned price chart for non-Tablet devices
  • Fixed bug with horse data processing
  • Fixed improper 'BSP bet size too small' message
BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.7
  • Balance chart feature has been released. Check 'My account' menu
BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.8
  • Fixed crash on multiple Android 11 devices
Beta testing of BetOnDroid v.3.1.0.beta.x officially closed. Thank you for participating
Please use official BetOnDroid release v.3.1.0
BetOnDroid - best Android trading tool for Betfair exchange
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